Financial Reporting

Protect your investment and grow your profitability with the professionals at Moynahan Williams, Inc.

With over 60 years of experience, the MWI Accounting team is ready to provide your investment property with superior reporting and robust customer service tailored to what your investment requires.

The MWI Accounting staff team members are experts at cash management, budgeting, and managing the accounts receivable and accounts payable processes. We utilize real time, state-of-the-art integrated cloud-based software systems to track all activities at the sites we manage. Rental payments, work orders, and tenant notifications are just some of the activities that are tracked daily. All data is protected through back-up procedures throughout the day and stored off-site with a redundant location in another state. Property owners can access this system to view activity when convenient for them and tenants can access an online payment portal for their convenience.

Our Management and Accounting teams work together to coordinate services, identify and solve problems, plan for managing cash flow to address capital improvement projects, and develop budgets that are well thought out and valuable.

Each month, the MWI Accounting team provides our customers with a complete financial report package. These reports detail all monies received and disbursed for the month. All customers receive Profit & Loss statements, Balance Sheet, Bank Deposit Detail, Accounts Payable Detail, Accounts Receivable Prepayment and Delinquency Details, Security Deposit Listing and Activity and any other specific reports that might be tailored to your needs.

Our Accounting team also manages any required tax payments, mortgage payments, reporting for lending or other partner entities, and facilitates any audit work being performed by outside auditing firms. We routinely work with asset managers, state housing authorities, and local housing agencies to provide any necessary reporting required under the various housing programs offered to our tenants. We also track real estate tax and other tax due dates and make the tax payments that are not paid by escrow accounts.

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Moynahan Williams, Inc. has owned and managed investment real estate in Indiana since 1923. Through the guidance of father and son team, Don and Mike Williams, the company has grown to include many aspects of the commercial real estate business.