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  • Responsible for managing the day-to-day financial operations of the property

  • Responsible for rental agreements, collecting deposits and rents, enforcing terms of rental agreement, resolving tenant complaints and overseeing eviction proceedings when it becomes necessary

  • Assist Director of Multifamily Site Operations with specials projects, administrative tasks, and other property management related work

  • Responsible for conducting inspections on the property

  • Provide reports of vacancies, tenant information, and physical condition of property

Duties and responsibilities

  1. Maintaining the physical asset
    1. Supervise maintenance staff; including but not limited to: delegating and supervising scheduling of maintenance work
    2. Confirm that all vacant units/areas are ready to lease
    3. Supervise all vacant apartment make-ready procedures
    4. Complete housekeeping inspections prior to renewing leases
    5. Regularly inspect grounds, interior and common hallways
    6. Place orders, when approved, for all maintenance and cleaning supplies, materials and equipment
    7. Conduct bi-annual inspections of property
  2. Marketing & Leasing
    1. Complete regular market comparisons
    2. Complete weekly and monthly reports
    3. Review all rental applications and lease forms for accuracy and compliance with resident policy
  3. Tenant Management
    1. Maintain effective resident relations
    2. Supervise & implement rent collection policies and implementation of collection programs
    3. Supervise move-in and move-out procedures
  4. Financial Reporting and Control
    1. Prepare monthly financial accounting, reporting, and explanation of variances
    2. Approve invoices for payment
    3. Report and control payroll information to payroll department
    4. Make daily bank deposits
  5. Administration
    1. Maintain property files and records
    2. Make final decision of hiring or firing personnel with Director of Multifamily Site Operation’s approval
    3. Handle any emergency that may arise on site
    4. Communicate all problems and make recommendations to Director of Multifamily Site Operations
    5. Complete all duties in a professional and timely manner


  • Report to Director of Multifamily Site Operations

  • Supervise all on-site personnel, including staff supervisors and any contract workers

  • Maintain relationships with all residents, ensuring consistent application of property policies

  • Maintain relationships with other departments within the company, including accounting and maintenance

  • Maintain relationships with suppliers, vendors, and professionals servicing the company or property

  • Maintain relationships with suppliers, vendors, and professionals servicing the company or property

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