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Employee Spotlight: Jessie Vinson

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Introducing our next Employee Spotlight, Jessie Vinson!

Jessie has been with MWI Real Estate for over twelve years and currently serves as the Administrative Coordinator. Whether she is fielding phone calls, assisting in the Accounting Department, or handling the never-ending special projects that we all ask her help with, she performs her work flawlessly and with a calm demeanor and sense of humor that makes it a joy to see her every morning. We are proud to have Jessie as a member of the MWI Real Estate Team!

How long have you been with MWI Real Estate?

Last Labor Day marked 12 years with MWI Real Estate. 

Tell us about your family, spouse, partner, or close friends.

My husband, Dan, and I will celebrate our 7th anniversary in November, and our son, Julian, turned 5 in June and started Kindergarten a couple months ago.

Tell us about your background (hometown, school, etc.)

I was born and raised here in Indianapolis. I graduated from Ben Davis and then went on to IUPUI.

 How do you prefer to spend your free time?

What is free time? Having a 5-year-old means I don’t have any haha. He is a full-time job all on his own. 😉

What is your favorite vacation destination?

We have visited Great Wolf Lodge over the last couple years, so that’s a good option for this stage of life.

What is the best, or one of the best, pieces of advice you’ve been given?

Our dad had a lot of sayings growing up, so I’m going to go with “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

What is something you have learned during your time with MWI?

Outside of job-specific tasks, I have mostly learned how valuable it is to work for a flexible company that understands the need for a work/life balance. I have also learned how to be a good tenant!

Thank you Jessie for your dedication to MWI Real Estate!